MERARD LUXOR® Microfibre wiping cloth 30*30CM 1‘s


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MERARD presents LUXOR® Microfibre, the perfect solution for wiping and final cleaning on all your components

The LUXOR® Microfibre cloth is a fabric wipe for precious metals and delicate surfaces:

  • It is an integral part of the Luxor® range and is ideal for use in jewellery production, retail and after-sales.
  • ​It is used for final polishing and examination, to bring out the full shine of pieces, or clean them after polishing.
  • ​The Luxor® microfibre wipe is of high quality, measures 30 cm x 30 cm and offers a surface density of 200 g/m². It offers easy care (wash at 40°C) and is fully reusable for long-term use.
  • ​With no stitching, the cloth protects the piece and does not generate micro-scratches.


    • Immediate shine
    • ​Captures impurities and grease
    • Good resistance to traction
    • Extensive flexibility, shapeable, adapts to all forms
    • Does not saturate
    • Does not create micro-scratches, protects the piece
    • Easy to clean and reusable for maximum durability
    • Dimensions suited to cleaning all jewellery pieces even large sizes
    • Packaging suited to after-sales and retail environments

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