3/8-Inch Mini Eid-Longhi Anticlastic Stake

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Designed by Cynthia Eid and Betty-Helen Longhi, noted metalsmiths and innovators.

The American made Eid-Longhi “Can’t Twist” anticlastic stakes incorporate simple features that make them more effective for forming metal, especially anticlastic curves, making them your best choice for creating intricately curving forms. Each stake is manufactured from a single piece of Delrin®, which will not mar your metal yet stands up easily to the rigors of forming metal.

Made to be secured in a bench vise, the stakes have a pair of steel pins on each side that center and level the stake on the upper jaw surface of your vise.

Two threaded screws with washers and wing nuts extend down through the jaw to secure the stake vertically in the closed jaws, ensuring a stable, unmoving work surface.

These threaded screws can be inserted into either the upper or lower edge of the stake, allowing access to cavities on either edge of the stake and vastly increasing the versatility of the stake.

Each stake offers cavities of varying widths and depths.

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