Tungsten Carbide Round Drawplate

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Size: SRM-35
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This is the original Shen Hwa Drawplate with Carbide inserts manufactured and polished in Taiwan. Carbide inserts are firmly installed in the stainless steel plate in Thailand. Allows you to draw extremely bright, smooth, round wire. Lasts much longer than steel drawplates.


SRM-35: 10 holes in sizes 10.0 to 6.25mm diameters.

SRM-30: 24 holes in sizes 6.4 to 2.3mm diameters.

SRM-25: 24 holes in sizes 2.2 to 1.05mm diameters.

SRM-20: 36 holes in sizes 2.2 to 0.26mm diameters.

SRM-10: 24 holes in sizes 1.0 to 0.26mm diameters.

*SRM-01: 10 holes in sizes 0.12 to 0.245mm diameters.


*Please note, SRM-01 is a customized model, back-order is needed.

(Can be backordered) 

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