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SET DVD # 1,2,3 and 4 Includes:

Fretz Stakes:
  • H-1 Stake Holder for Work Bench Mounting
  • R-1 Standard Rounded Raising Stake
  • R-3 Rounded Raising Stake 
  • B-3 Bezel Sharp Edge High Dome Stake
  • B-6 Bezel Rolled Edge Dome Stake
  • F-2A Convex Fluting Stake / Lining 
  • F-2C Convex Fluting Stake / Extreme Sharp 
  • F-6 Shell Stake
  • F-8 Horn Stake
  • F-9 Convex/ Concave Stake
  • I-8 16.7 Low Dome Mushroom Insert
  • H-2: 5mm Accessory Tool Holder
  • R-2 Tapered Rounded Raising Stake
  • B-1 Bezel Sharp Edge Flat Stake
  • B-4 Bezel Sharp Edge Trilion Stake
  • F-2 Double Convex Stake
  • F-2B Convex Fluting Stake / Sharp
  • F-5 Ring/Hoop Doming Stake
  • F-7 Thin Shell Stake 
  • I-14 6mm Hook
  • M-8 Mushroom Low Dome Stake (18mm)
  • AT 1,2,3 & 4 as a Set/ Miniature Mandrels
  • S-3 Wooden Stake Rack 12" x 5" (Not Shown)

Fretz Hammer:

  • HMR-1 Planning Hammer
  • HMR-3 Narrow Raising Hammer
  • HMR-5 Small Embossing Hammer
  • HMR-8 Rounded Narrow Raising Hammer
  • HMR-12 Sharp Texturing / Raising Hammer
  • DVD1: Hammering and Forming
  • DVD2: Hammering and Forming, Volume 2
  • DVD3: Expert Bezel Forming
  • DVD4: Forming Hollow Rings
  • HMR-2 Wide Raising Hammer
  • HMR-4 Large Embossing hammer
  • HMR-7 Double Ended Insert Hammer
  • HMR-9 Rounded Wide Raising Hammer
  • HMR-406 Precisionsmith Riveting / Texturing Hammer

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