Replacement Swivel Blade Clamps for Mk.III Saws (POST-2010)

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This replacement set of solid blade clamps is for newer (post 2010) Mk.III saws only. They will NOT fit older (pre-2010) Mk.III saws, Mk.IV heavy duty saws, Titanium (birdcage) saws, or Coping saws.

Replacement Instructions

  • Use a 5/64" allen wrench to loosen the set screws in the clamp at the handle end of the saw and remove clamp.
  • Replace with the new clamp, re-tighten the set screws. Note the location of the brass knob on the screw for front/upper old clamp.
  • Unscrew the brass knob from the old upper/front clamp, and remove it.
  • Unscrew brass knob from new clamp, thread it back through the hole in the axle (if you have a lever saw) and replace the brass knob on the end of the screw.
  • Adjust until you can tension a blade properly. Start by putting the new knob in roughly the same position as the old one. Stop if you see any screw sticking out of the back of the brass knob, that’s too tight.

Made in the USA.

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