Mega 6.0 laser machine (Excluding the 3D VISION system)


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The perfect laser solution for a better surface finish of the weld is called Mega 6.0

Professional welding laser to perform micro-welds, an evolution of the Mega SILVER, inherits all the best features of this family, such as the large welding chamber and the double cooling system.

What distinguishes it most are the new upgrades developed internally by Elettrolaser which guarantee greater energy efficiency and better quality of the laser shot. The new shell design, in resistant and eco-friendly material, was introduced to respect the new principles of environmental protection.

Equipped with SMOOTH SPOT technology, it allows easier distribution of the filler material and a better surface finish of the weld. Developed mainly for those who weld silver and / or highly reflective materials, and for intensive productions, which aim to digitize their business. The Mega 6.0 can also be equipped with the 3D VISION system for a stereoscopic view of the welding area.

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