Eitan LSE-6 Steam Cleaner dry steam


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Dimensions: 42H * 22W * 55L cm

16H*9W*22L Inch

Pretested and fully assembled.


Capacity: 6 litre

Warm up time: 15-20 minutes

Voltage: 110v. and 220v. 


Excellent performance throughout the entire product line with a complete dry finish.

Ideal for jewellery workshops and large jewellery store. Built to last robust unit.

No drop of steam pressure during operation.

The ultimate size steam cleaner, our most popular unit due to higher water capacity with increased operational time.

It will clean individual pieces of jewellery and watches or complete trays in one simple operation. Perfect application for the renewal and refreshing of any jewellery.


Jewellery & Watches

With the high capacity of water and steam pressure this unit is ideal for the following.

Removal of polishing paste within seconds.

To minimize the ultrasonic use for shorter periods in workshops.

Use before and after rhodium process. Using the steam cleaner after degreasing, it will leave the items dry, ready for plating. This process will eliminate patchy plating and other problems generally experienced whilst plating.

Essential tool for watch makers with bigger stock, repair and retail. All day long use.

Ideal for cleaning any gemstones, emerald, pearl, opal …. No damage the perfect result!

Laser marking and graving cleaning.

Loose diamonds

Perfect cleaning application for loose diamonds with laser marking to prepare for photographs.

The steam will clean the diamonds and bring them to the optimal conditions.

Optimal solution to increase your picture qualities for high resolution on your products photos.

Best steamer regarding any inlaid work or examination.

Contains all necessary features, including automatic solenoid release valve, automatic safety valve, water level gauge, pressure gauge and many more excellent features like flexible hand piece.

Automatic cut off when water level reach under minimum level.

Cleaning is by high pressure steam (100psi), no drop in pressure after operation.

Machine is tested and approved.

A must for busy jewellery shops as well for watch laboratory, watchmaker  and large volume retailer.

 The model in the video is:LSE-3/C

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