GRS Power Hone Complete Dual Angle System - 230V

GRSSKU: 003-572

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This complete system allows you to sharpen gravers & tools without heat, with the two seperate diamond wheels it gives a sharper & stronger tool edge that can cut cleaner & brighter lines.
This system uses a 260 and 600 grit diamond wheels to sharpen hardened steel, high speed steels & carbides. A ceramic lap and diamond spray is also supplied to produce a mirror finish on your tools. A wheel storage rack is also included to keep your working area tidy and organised.
This kit includes a dual angle sharpener which allows beginners and advance users an accurate way of correctly selecting your angles to ensure a continuous accurate cut.
With its sturdy build and heavy duty motor and double-bearing spindle, the power hone sharpener will last for years to come.

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