GRS Jura QC Complete Set with MicroBlock®

GRSSKU: 500-510

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The Complete Set expands upon the Basic Set and includes an amazing assortment of workholding solutions for any setter. Specialized clamps are ideal for uniquely-shaped projects, including rings, pendants, earrings, bur sharpening, drill making, and beading tool sharpening. Grooved jaws allow you to quickly remove the workpiece and re-sharpen beading tools in one fixture. Each jaw can be customized using Thermo-Loc® for production-style setting. Straight top (20 and 40 mm) fixtures provide access for multi-sided setting. Brass points can be customized to hold a variety of things, including sphere-shaped items. Shellac and Thermo-Loc® cylinders provide support for fragile ring work.

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