FRETZ Texture DVD Tools Set

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A collection of exclusive Fretz texture hammers, as well as anvils made of hardened stainless steel and an exercise DVD.


- HMR-12 Sharp Texturing / Raising Hammer
- HMR-14 Raw Silk
- HMR-15 Circle Texturing Hammer
- HMR-22 Cross Hatch Hammer
- HMR-406 Precisionsmith Sharp Texturing Hammer
- HMR-412 Precisionsmith Sharp Texturing Hammer
- HMR-413 Precisionsmith Petite Shrp Hammer

- BA-1 Bench Anvil - Flat
- BA-2 Bench Anvil - Low Dome
- BA-3 Bench Anvil - Medium Dome
- BA-4 Bench Anvil - High Dome

- Practice DVD about forging and texturing

(Can be backordered)

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