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MAKER  Jewelry Tools by Fretz

In response to the often “poorly made” copies of the FRETZ Hammers, Jordan Fretz  has designed a new group of “original” hammers under the trademarked brand MAKER. These are quality hammers within an artist’s budget.

The MAKER Hammers are made with our signature 420 stainless steel and have polished faces. The handles are North American ash with the logo on the handle.

MKR-1 thru MKR-5 are the same size as the Fretz HMR-1 thru HMR-5 hammers.

(Think of the MAKER as “ready-to-use” hammers as opposed the FRETZ  “couture” hammers.).

This is only the beginning of the MAKER jewelry tool line. There is a lot of innovation in the pipeline. Every maker deserves to work with quality tools.

Stay tuned.

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