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The Fretz Portable Tool Rack is a foldable tool rack for Fretz Hammers and Stakes.

The top is solid hardwood ash and makes the perfect companion to the Fretz Portable Workbench. The stakes and hammers are easy to see and select.  The length of the tool rack will accommodate a large Fretz tool collection.

 The workbench top is 43 1/4 inches by 9 3/4 inches by 1 ½ thick.

The ash Fretz Portable Tool Rack top weighs 13.1 pounds with shipping box.

The steel folding legs weigh 18.2 pounds with shipping box.

The Fretz Portable Tool Rack is 26 inches high when set up and is adjustable upwards in four inch increments.  The height can be matched to the Fretz Portable Workbench.   

The Ash Wood Tops are packaged in cardboard boxes with three Styrofoam sleeves.

The steel legs are packaged in cardboard boxes. Lag bolts and assembly instructions are included.

(Can be backordered)

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