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GH-1 Michael Good Holder 16 mm Bar Stakes The GH-1 holds the Michael Good Anticlastic Stakes in a vise. The Michael Good Stakes are held firmly with the set screw in the GH-1 Holder. The tapered tang keeps the holder from slipping forward in the vise.

G-1 16mm/120 Degree Hook Stake The G-1 and all Michael Good Stakes have a single curve for anticlastic forming. The single curve makes it possible for the jeweler to form complex forms without binding with the stake. The open form of this stake is often the first stake to begin with.

G-2 is a steeper curve for deeper anticlastic forms.

G-3 is scaled for smaller work or as a “progressive stake“ to begin closing larger forms.

G-4 is scaled for smaller or tighter anticlastic curves.

G-5 is for work that continues to scale down in size.

G-6 makes it possible to form small anticlastic curves as well as close very small spiculums.

Michael Good Stake Set Includes:

  • GH1 Holder 85x78mm ( 293g )
  • G1 Hook Stake 200mm ( 291g )
  • G2 Hook Stake 200mm ( 287g)
  • G3 Hook Stake 200mm ( 188g)
  • G4 Hook Stake 200mm ( 182g )
  • G5 Hook Stake 200mm ( 186g )
  • G6 Hook Stake 200mm ( 188g )

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