FRETZ M-133A Starting Concave Fluting Stake

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Fretz Design has designed fluting stakes for domed and flat bracelet surfaces. The new M-133A and M-133B make it possible to flute concave bracelets and other shapes with handcrafted random or uniform flutes. The stakes M-133A and M-133B are designed to be used after the project is formed on the concave M-104 Stake.

Using the M-133A

The M-133A is a concave stake with a slightly rounded ridge and is used first in the fluting process.. The concave planes coming off the ridge are angled differently. The steeper Side 1 is used when the flutes are close together or when a wide deep flute is desired. The Side 2 is used for general fluting when a subtle flute is desired. Using a round crosspein such as the Fretz HMR-8 Rounded Narrow Crosspein or the HMR-9 rounded Wide Crosspein fits the stake and leaves a shimmering planished surface..

First draw the desired flute lines on the formed concave piece with a sharp marker pen. Then place the drawn line on the stakes ridgeline. Planish the metal just below the pen line and drive the metal down to the stake while holding the project so there is a slight air pocket between the metal and the stake. This is repeated on both sides of each drawn line and the flutes are roughed out over the whole surface of the project.

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