FRETZ Large Repousse- Fluting Set

FretzSKU: RF-101 thru RF-106

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The large fluting stakes are for bolder or wider flutes when subtle control is desired.

The rounded profile tools are good at curved flutes while the straight ones are more suited to straight flutes. The different radii of the tools are meant for different width flutes and determine the texture within each flute. The wider the tool within a given width, the less texture will be generated.

Set includes:

RF-101 Large Repousse- Fluting

RF-102 Large Repousse- Fluting

RF-103 Large Repousse- Fluting

RF-104 Large Repousse- Fluting

RF-105 Large Repousse- Fluting

RF-106 Large Repousse- Fluting

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