FRETZ AT1 thru AT-4 Miniature Mandrels Set

FretzSKU: AT1 thru AT-4

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All the Fretz Stakes that fit the H-2 Holder have 5 mm tangs. The Insert Stakes are held with two set scews and make forming very small parts with various hammers easy.

AT-1 Tapered Micro
Mandrel 3 1 /4” Long
2mm-4mm and 3mm-5mm

AT-2 Gradual Tapered Micro
Mandrel 3 1 /4” Long
3mm- 4mm and 4mm-5mm

AT-3 Straight Micro Manderl
3 1/4" Long 5mm and 4mm

AT-4 Straigh 5mm Micro
Mandrel 3 1/4”

(Can be backordered)

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