Efco Kiln 180L 230 V~, 2400 W


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This type has a bigger burning chamber. EFCO 180 - the all around heatable muffle kiln.
Fast heating as well as a big sight window are other features, wich jewellery desinger appreciate. Techniques like silver clay, porcelain painting, pottery and many more can be done.

Technical data
Maximum temperature 1100 ° Celcius
Watt 230 V / 2400W. 10A
Overall size HxWxD 320x300x540 mm
Firing chamber HxWxD 115x190x340 mm
Net weight ca 14,1 kg


IMPORTANT: Efco always recommend that these kilns should be used with a regulator or controller to prevent the kiln over-heating and damaging the element and muffle. This damage is not covered under warranty. 

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