EFCO KILN 150 KF 230 V~, 1200 W

EFCOSKU: 9950061

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Made in Germany

High-performance muffle kilns in compact design, heated from all sides. The high heating capacity of the devices allows for all firing techniques in a firing range between 400°C and 1100°C, such as for firing glass, ceramics and enamelling, as well as for annealing and hardening metals and tools.

Maximum temperature:  1100°C
Wattage: 230 V~ / 1200 W, 6 A
Overall size: B260 x H300 x T375 (mm)
Firing chamber :

B160 x H85 x T195 (mm)

equivalent to 2450 ccm

IMPORTANT: Efco always recommend that these kilns should be used with a regulator or controller to prevent the kiln over-heating and damaging the element and muffle. This damage is not covered under warranty. 

(can be backordered)

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