Durston Convex Dies for Bangle Forming Die Set


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Upgrade your existing Durston Bangle Forming Die Set with an addition 4 Convex Shaped Dies.

These New Additions to our Bangle Forming Range are made to the exact same high standards, precision ground and hardened with high a polish for perfect results.


The Kit includes 4 Convex Dies, 2 Large and 2 Small, Please note that this Upgrade kit is for the Durston Bangle Forming Set.

Individual Die Specifications
Die 1: 1 convex shape 40mm dia x 55mm length
Die 2: 2 convex shapes 40mm dia x 55mm length
Die 3: 1 convex shape 60mm dia x 55mm length
Die 4: 2 convex shapes 60mm dia x 55mm length

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