Apex Complete Sharpening System

GRSSKU: 003-765-220

Model: 230V
Sale price$11,750.00
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The Apex sharpening system gives both beginners and experts a wealth of benefits.
Then new Apex Speedline discs give users a quick and imformative way of selecting the precise angles needed when sharpening gravers and tools.
The discs fit to the Apex fixture which gives the user an unlimited choice of geometrical angles to choose from. All Speedline discs have clear and marked areas so the user can always guarantee the same repeatable angles when needed.
The package includes a power hone with a 260, 600 and 1200 grit 5" diamond wheels to grind the shape of your tools and gravers. A wheel storage rack to keep your work area organised and tidy. 3 Speedline discs with 90°, 105° and a 120° angles, a Dual Angle disc and a storage rack. Apex fixture and post for the Speedline/Dual Angle discs.
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