NEO 1. Wax Pen, Model: AC-201

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1, digital control and 6 LED temperature display

Digital output adjustment enables accurate temperature control at all times! You can easily reproduce the desired temperature by setting a numerical value.

2, adopts quick heat function

Full power at the push of a button! A quick heating function has been added. It is very convenient when starting up or when you want a high temperature immediately.

3, pen tip TIP 6-piece set included

As a standard product, 6 types of pen tips are preset.

4, palm-size with condensed functions

Many useful functions such as a memory function that considers user-friendliness as well as safety are compactly packaged. The lightweight and wearable size fits comfortably in your chest pocket.

5, portability

It is also possible to connect a commercially available backup battery for PC (12V output) and use it in a place without an outlet. There is no inconvenience even in exhibition halls without a power supply or on business trips.


-Input voltage 100-240V (50,60Hz)

-Power consumption 7W (AC adapter 12V, 1A)


-Controller: D86mm x W58mm x H19mm 

-Handpiece: Overall length 10 cm Cord length approx. 1 m 

Manufacturer: ARTEX

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