FRETZ Set #5 Forming Stake Set

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The Fretz Stake Set #5 is a group of stakes used for metal forming.

They are similar to silversmithing stakes, but on a jewelry scale, and they fit into the H-1 holder.

There are seven stakes for working sheet metal into convex and concave shapes.

The starting sheet metal blank can be worked with one or more stakes into infinite possibilities.

The H-1 Holder can be mounted on a workbench or on the VB-1 Wooden Block that is then placed in a vise.

Set #5 Includes:

  • H-1    Stake Holder with Hardware
  • F-1     Beak Stake
  • F-2     Double Convex Stake
  • F-3     Doming Stake
  • F-6     Shell Stake
  • F-7     Thin Shell Stake
  • F-8     Horn Stake 
  • F-9     Convex / Concave Stake
  • S-1     Wooden Stake Rack 83/4”x5”
  • VB-1 Wooden Vise Block with Hardware

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