Braze AIDS Soldering Boards

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Braze AIDS Soldering Boards are fabricated from high purity refractory fibers with a melting point in excess of 1649℃.

Braze AID Thermal Boards are specially treated for Wear Resistance and are used for welding, soldering, and brazing. 

They make excellent work boards.

Use Braze AIDS Soldering Boards for low-cost furnace and sintering trays etc. 

They can be heated and cooled in seconds.

Braze AIDS Boards will find thousands of uses in every shop, lab, or production line.

Some smoking will occur on the first use.

Variations in color will not affect the performance.

Braze AIDS Soldering Boards can be readily machined and re-hardened.

Size: 6“ * 6” * 1/2“, Made in USA

Please note: Fragile items

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