GRS Accu Finish Series One Sharpening System, Premium Package

GRSSKU: 001-599B-220

Sale price$8,550.00


The Accu-Finish Series ONE is designed for smaller workshops to create quality cutting edges on tools made of carbide, ceramics, cemented carbides, high-speed steel (HSS), as well as many PCD/CBN tools.
This machine with low speed is easy and safe to operate and ensures well-sharpened cutting tools.
The Series ONE features individual table height and protractor.
Compact and rugged construction.

-Motor: continuous operation, overheating protection, left and right rotation, 220 V / 50 Hz
-Spindle drive: double belt reduction: 240-20 RPM
-Suitable diamond grinding wheels: 125 or 150 mm diameter with 12.7 mm hole and 3.2mm drive pin holes
-Guide plate: Solid stainless steel with built-in protractor and removable tool guide. Bearing with sliding carriage on precision foundation rods. Can be locked in any position or moved toward the grinding wheel.
-Dimensions: approx. 46 × 43 × 28 cm.

Includes only the sharpening machine.s
Grinding wheel is not included.

(Can be backordered)

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