GRS Leica® A60 with 0.63x Objective Lens + Adapter for Acrobat® Classic Stand

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The Leica® A60 for a high-resolution view of hand engraving, stone setting, and jewelry work. Leica FusionOptics™ provides a greater depth of field for the best optical experience possible. The Adapter Package includes Leica A60 microscope and adapter for the GRS Acrobat® Classic (previous model).

Stand is not included.

-See 80% more of your sample with a 46 mm object field

-Comfortable access your sample due to the 122 mm working distance

-Easy handling, less refocusing and time saving with up to 13.6 mm depth of field and Leica FusionOptics technology

-Enables large surface overview and detailed observation with a magnification range from 5x to 30x

The A60 is designed for long periods of continuous use and quickly adapts to different users. With a 38° viewing angle, the A60 allows the user to maintain a natural head posture. The operating elements such as the zoom adjustment, focus knob, and ring light are intuitive and easily accessible, by left and right-handed users alike.

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