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Tanita’s Professional Mini Scale 1479J is used in a variety of applications including: measuring and weighing gold, precious gemstones, and diamonds, medical/clinical, mail, and coin collecting. Tanita Professional Mini Scales are known for their quality, reliability, to professionals. Great for jewelers,clinicians or pharmacists, hunters, postal clerks and law enforcement. Tanita’s mini scales always weigh accurately for expected precision.
  • Capacity: 200 g
  • Accuracy: 0,01 g
  • 2 lithium batteries (CR 2032) included
  • Digital 35 x 23 mm display
  • Tara function
  • Large weighing platform of 108 x 72 mm


Mode                      Capacity                  Graduation
Gram                        200.00                     0.01
Ounce                      7.050                       0.001
Troy Ounce               6.430                       0.001
Penny Weight           128.60                     0.01
Carat                        1000.0                     0.1
Grain                        3086.0                     0.2


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