Ø150 Magnetic Finisher

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  1. Programnable model: Running time, Forwards/Reverse time, Speed Control and buzzer alert.
  2. Advanced magnetic boron disc with DC high torsion motor drive magnetic pins rotating completely. Work in areas such as undercuts、recesses and slots.
  3. The magnetic barrel is made of transparent PC material which highly resists strike. There is polygonal wall inside the barrel and leads to 3D rotation and complete polishing process for the workpieces. 
  4. This machine has two functions: (1) deburring (2) polishing. Use different kinds of barrel(pin barrel, dry barrel or wet barrel) to do operations.
  5. Basic equipments: Machine base*1   Magnetic barrel*1   0.5mm magnetic pins*150g   0.3mm magnetic pins*150g   Solution*240ml   Manual*1
Size(L*W*H): 200*240*mm
Size/Capacity of the Barrel: ø150*220mm/1.7L
Usage amount of magnetic pins: 150g
Max Loading Weight(pins+workpieces): 350g



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